New Record Coming. Cover birthed. People on cover long dead.


At long last—a new record. A new record called Don’t Be Mad at Me that comes out on July 13.

A new record with a cover with a picture of men wearing what looks to me like ladies bathing suits. The man on the far left is my paternal grandfather. He never told me.

The cover and insides were designed by Philip Price, the mastermind behind Winterpills and my bandmate in that other band I play in, Look Park.

A record with new songs, and some songs some people have probably heard, though never on a record. If they have heard them on a record, it means someone stole them and put them on their record, which I bet doesn't have a cover with men in ladies bathing suits.

Plenty more to come – sign up for this newsletter and I promise to tip you off to stuff.

Until next time, from inside a real man’s bathing suit,