Essential ways to put cat ears in headphones

Cat lovers like to wear cat ear headphones; most girls are using the cat ear headphones for stylish looks. You can easily make cat ear headphones by yourself. Once the kids are noticing your cat ear headphones, then they also ask to make for them. Because cat ear headphones are more fun and beautiful. For preparing the cat ear headphones, you will need thread, needle, and headphone, pink and white felt. By having a simple requirement, you can make a cute and beautiful cat ear headphone. Here are some simple ways to put cat ears in headphone.

Making procedures

kidsStep 1:

First, you need to take the pink felt; it depends on your choice. You can also choose your favorite colors for making a cat ear in headphones. Now, fold your pink or white felt in half and draw the shape of cat ears onto one side of the felt. Then draw the other side of cat ears like another one. You need to make sure that the two sides of the cat ear look in the same shape. If it does not, then take another felt and draw the cat ear correctly.

Step 2:

After you have completed drawing the shape of cat ears then you move to the next cutting process. Now, you want to cut both sides of the cat’s ear of felt. Make sure that you should cut properly to make the perfect cat ears. If you cut it incorrectly then repeat the first process again to get the good shape of a cat ear. If you want a perfect DIY felt cat ear headphone, then you need to do it properly. At the end of the cutting process, you have a perfect cat ear shape in your hand.

wear cat ear headphones

Step 3:

Now you need to take a white felt to sew it in the centre of the cat ear felt on both sides. If you take the pink felt to make a cat ear then you need to choose the white felt, because it looks very cute and the colors are matches. You want to cut the little bit of white felt to stitch it in cat ear headphones. Sew the little bit white felt in the middle of cat ear shapes. Sew it properly; you need to take the white thread to sew the middle stitch.

Step 4:

Wrap one ear around your headphones and ensure to pull it tight, and then sew around it in edges by using the tight blanket stitch or just normal running stitch. Repeat this process to another side of the cat ear. Now, the beautiful cat ear headphones are ready.

You can easily make cat ear headphones by following the above-mentioned beneficial tips. If you wear the cat ear headphones, then you look stylish.