Why the Blu-ray players not play discs?

Blu ray

The Blu-ray disc is a format of digital optical disc storage and it is designed to DVD format for capable of storing several hours of a video. There are various reasons disc may not play in Blu-ray player. Sometimes, if you are disc scratched then the Blu ray players not play some disc. Here are some steps to solve the Blu ray players are not play disc:

Check your Blu ray first

You need to check the Blu-ray player when it is unable to play a Blu-ray disc. It is more important to check your Blu-ray tray and cable of a player. Some of the simple steps are tweaking your player reading the disc again, there are some common hardware problems are includes:

The tray of Blu ray disc may be damaged and cables may be loose

If you have the ejectable disc tray then you need to eject your disc and take care to observe wobbles or a misalignment. Try reseating the disc again. The loose connection or incorrect connection of cables will prevent the video from the being when it is displayed. Sometimes, the cable connection is loose, so you need to check the cable connected properly. If you are looking at the damaged cables then you need to replace the connections if it is possible.

Is it a disc problem

After you check the cable connection and Blu-ray, then you need to inspect the disc whether it scratched or not. The disc of Blu ray can be easily scratched, it is important to check the disc quality if it does not play. There are some simple things that you need to keep in mind:

Try different disc

If your disc does not play, then you check it with another disc. You can have a clear idea of which one is a problem. The players of Blu ray are work by Blu ray disc. Whether your Blu ray discs are scratched and warped then it does not read all together.

disc quality

Clean your disc

Take a clean cloth and clean the disc if there is a dust particle. You can use the specialized cleaning solutions and cloth that are used to clean your disc. If you need the cleaning solution, you can get it in an electronic goods store.

Ensure the disc is compatible

The Blu-ray players are sold with the ability for the process of other media types. If it is not a Blu Ray disc then you are reading, you need to check the documentation of Blu-ray to verify that it can play it.

If your Blu-ray player does not play some disc, you can check the disc by above-mentioned tips.